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Calculate the tax refund you could receive after tax deductions with One Minute Tax’s free, easy-to-use, accurate income tax calculator.

Our free tax refund estimates calculator is updated every year in conjunction with the Australian Taxation Office’s Pay As You Go (PAYG) schedules. Find out more about the ATO’s tax rates here.

Please be mindful that our tax calculations are only estimates. To lodge your tax return with us and we will maximize your tax deductions for free! Call 03 8899 7506 and let our tax accountants to help you get more tax refund than your estimation. You can also use our online appointment tool below to make an appointment with our tax accountants or start your tax return online now.

Note: If the estimated return is minus figure, means that you owe tax to ATO. Don’t worry, contact our tax accountant now to see if we can help you to reduce your tax payable to ATO.

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