Setup CostXXXXX
Monthly CostX or $25 for ProXX$35X
Transaction Fees (Domestic Cards Only)From 2.6% + $0.302.6%1.75%+0.30$0.30*$2.2%+$2.20
Transaction Fees per Month (based on 30 transactions at $100 each)$87$78$61.50$9*$132
Total Monthly Cost$87 or $112 for Pro$78$61.50$44*$132
Xero Intergration
API and Other Intergration Rating
Merchant Account Included
for Pro
Customer Support
Editor’s Rating


* doesn’t charge percentage fees however, you much have a merchant account to use it and banks may still charge percentage fees.


Also, We have just heard that Ezidebit has bought eWay Australia. So now they are same company with different brand and solutions.