Additional Services

In addition to providing comprehensive taxation and accounting services for residents and businesses across Melbourne, One Minute Tax also offers a variety of additional services. These include:


Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Compliance

Self managed super funds are an effective way of saving for retirement. Much like a family trust, the operators of the SMSF are typically the beneficiaries; family members often establish an SMSF together. Also like a family trust, the self managed super fund must be established and operated in a very particular way, and failure to do so can lead to massive repercussions. One Minute Tax provides audits of SMSFs to ensure that they are compliant with Australian taxation law.

Marketing Services

It can be hard out there for a small business to not only grow and thrive but even to just be seen. It’s therefore important for you to have a significant point of difference to set yourself apart from the competition, as well as the ability to market yourself. One Minute Tax provides basic marketing services for small to medium businesses to help build exposure.

Investment Property Tax Deductions

The housing boom in Australia has seen investment property prices rise across most of the country. Property owners will typically pay tax on the income they’ve earned from their investment. One Minute Tax can help you with various investment property tax deductions that can help you reduce these tax payments.

Family Trust and Tax

If you’re interested in learning how you can benefit from a family trust when tax time comes around, enquire now with One Minute Tax. We can provide friendly advice and assistance to ensure you’re getting the most out of your trust, including minimising the amount of tax you need to pay.