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Your Tax Return Done In Just 3 Easy Steps – No Overdue Tax Return Again!

Outstanding Tax Help

The One Minute Tax team is on hand to ensure you lodge your tax return without fuss or fault. You won’t ever need to submit an overdue tax return again! Live help is offered at no extra cost during the tax season.

Accountant Review

Prior to lodgement with the ATO, your tax return is checked for errors and any missing deductions you may have failed to claim. Our accountants want to make sure you get the maximum refund and ensure you don’t have to file an overdue tax return.

Avoid an Overdue Tax Return and Receive a Fast Tax Refund

Avoiding an overdue tax return and receiving a fast tax refund is a win-win situation. We lodge your tax return directly with the ATO using electronic lodgement. That means you can usually expect your refund to reach you in 10 working days!

Fee from Refund:

For only $33, you can also lodge your tax return without paying upfront for our services. Your tax preparation costs are taken directly from your refund before it’s sent to your bank.


Tax Return

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Make Tax Season Work for You for a Change!

Are you sick of being penalised for submitting an inaccurate or overdue tax return to the Australian Taxation Office? When you choose One Minute Tax, you’ll benefit from one of our experienced tax agents walking you through your next tax return. We’ll help you get the deductions you’re entitled to so you pay the right amount of tax and ensure you don’t have to submit an overdue tax return. Call us on (03) 8899 7506 or email info@oneminutetax.com.au.