Case Study Individual Tax Return


To resolve income tax challenges and maximise client refunds.


Our client, Kate Millers, who has investment property since the last 5 years had never done her tax returns, the challenge she was received a letter from the ATO that charged her with a heavy penalty on not completing her tax returns on time. The client had no clue about what to do next and sought out assistance from One Minute Tax. We helped Kate liaise with a Quantity Surveyor, professionals who maximise depreciation deductions for investment property owners. Quantity Surveyor helped her get the maximum deductions she could get and also maximised her tax return for coming financial years with a tax depreciation schedule.


The client was able to get maximum deductions on her tax returns and also claim missed deductions through the tax depreciation schedule that was created by the Quantity Surveyor. The schedule has helped in reducing the taxable income from her investment property and helped her to pay less in taxes each financial year.

Testimonial / From The Client

“I was just clueless about the piled up tax on my property and had no idea how to resolve this. One Minute Tax set up a meeting with an expert Quantity Surveyor who created tax depreciation schedule that has helped me convert my tax deductions into refunds. Thank you so much!”