Case Study Company Tax Return


To provide the clients with an effective tax minimization strategy to help them save thousands of dollars in tax each year.


Our client belonging to the construction industry saw a rapid growth in its first operational year and at the end of the year experienced an enormous tax problem. The client had not done any tax planning in the past and did not have any structure that could help them to minimize the tax consequences of their rapid growth in the industry. The company was losing 30% of its profits in tax liabilities. Keeping all these challenges into consideration, One Minute Tax created multiple strategies for the client to reduce their overall tax, from aspect of reconsidering the structure of the business, superannuation, prepaid expense and depreciation that allowed them to minimize their tax obligations in future transaction.


Tax minimization strategies recommended by One Minute Tax saved the construction company over $20,000 in taxes in their second year. The tax return strategies were implemented properly, thereby protecting their assets of the business in the long run.

Testimonial / From The Client

“One Minute Tax showed us how to implement and take advantage of some of their innovative tax strategies. The results led to significant savings on corporate tax. The company has demonstrated professionalism and exceptional business acumen in reducing our company’s tax burden and improved our net worth.”