Case Study Bookkeeping


To provide reliable financial reporting and give greater internal control to businesses.


Our client belonging to the manufacturing industry was recently confronted with a lack of proper online financial reporting by his bookkeepers who were not proficient enough in Xero, a cloud based online bookkeeping software. Previously, the bookkeeping was being done using, primitive, excel-based software for bookkeeping which slowed the process. Due to the lack of accurate record keeping, the transactions were not being recorded timely. Keeping all these challenges in consideration, One Minute Tax modernized the manufacturing companies bookkeeping by introducing a cloud based accounting software, Xero, that automates bookkeeping process and saves the company time and money.


Once the new accounting software was in place, the manufacturing company was able to manage its invoices better than before and maintain proper bookkeeping online. The bookkeeper at the company can now continually monitor transactions and can also manage the cash flow better than before. Accurate bookkeeping and reporting has not only led to improved efficiency and profitability but has also reduced the stress of the bookkeeper.

Testimonial / From The Client

“I am glad I picked up One Minute Tax to resolve my financial reporting issues I faced at my company. They have streamlined our bookkeeping process and greatly reduced the workload. I could never imagine bookkeeping without paperwork, but they came up with a quick and timely solution that has helped us save up on both time and money.”